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Joey offers counseling that can help you alleviate stress and meet change with resilience

                     Are You Facing:

                     -      overwhelming demands 
                     -      life transitions
                     -      loss
                     -      illness or pain
                     -      a desire to change
                     If you feel stuck, anxious or
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Counseling can help you in making sense of difficult events and feelings.  We'll work together to recover your innate resourcefulness and develop your self confidence. Sometimes life events or transitions are best supported by having someone to talk to, someone who can provide an open-hearted presence, listening deeply and compassionately, without judgment. With support and encouragement, you are likely to feel less alone, be better able to listen to your own inner knowing and proceed with greater clarity.

Mindfulness-based counseling integrates the reliable wisdom of the body with the analytical mind and tender, truthful heart. It allows you to re-discover the ground of your being and helps restore emotional equilibrium. With greater calmness in the body, racing thoughts diminish. You are more able to discern what your values and priorities are and what choices you are motivated to pursue. You find your way home to yourself.

This Mindfulness-Based approach includes both Somatic Experiencing and mindful living practices.

Somatic Experiencing is a gentle, body-based modality that does not require touch. It provides tools to restore balance to an over-stimulated nervous system. From the point of view of this biological model, symptoms like jumpiness, irrational fears, compulsive preoccupations, angry outbursts, sleeplessness, anxious ruminations are seen as common responses to threat and fear. By slowing down and stabilizing the nervous system with practical skills and education about how the body works, these responses can be greatly reduced or eliminated. Hopefulness replaces shame and feelings of inadequacy.

Mindfulness offers simple but profound teachings and practices that can develop greater equanimity in the face of daily challenges. With repetition, these practices and increased understanding of the teachings can expand your capacity to be with your experience no matter what it is. The practice of mindfulness encourages a willingness to be curious rather than resistant when life inevitably changes your plans. It opens the heart in compassion for the ever-learning, ever-changing human being that you are, and affirms your innate goodness.

Both facets of this Mindfulness-Based approach encourage exploration, renewed curiosity, and new discoveries.

May you come to appreciate every experience for its vitality and possibility. May you come to appreciate yourself in patient acceptance and tender acknowledgement of your humanity.